About us

Should it not be possible nowadays to quickly find the right study programme at the right university and to apply for it simply and directly—without having to search for information on hundreds of websites?!

We already had this thought in 2017, shortly after it took us ages to decide for and enrol at a university. It simply takes far too long to finally find out which documents have to be submitted on time, when, where, and by what means. Especially, if you are not only applying for only one study programme or university, but for several. After sending the application, some documents are still missing and have to be submitted by email, which makes the whole application and enrolment process even slower. After some conversations with friends who had the same problem, one thing was clear: we have to solve this problem. This is how Compounder® was brought to life.

Some time and research work later, it became clear that something needs to be changed—not only on the side of the prospective students, but also on the side of the universities, in order to make the whole process more efficient. No sooner said than done: in co-operation with universities, we have developed a solution that makes it possible to automatically check every single domestic and foreign application for completeness and admissibility for studying in Germany.

With Compounder®, we not only want to provide young prospective students with a modern and simple way to obtain information about studies and to directly apply for their desired study place. We also want to relieve universities of the time and work involved in applicant management—all on a single platform..

Our mission and vision

Compounder®'s mission


“We accompany trend-setting life decisions with the highest level of responsibility and trust in order to enable each individual to start their studies successfully and without stress.”

Compounder®'s vision


“Together we would like to create a national and international academic network that redefines study orientation, student application and applicant management.”


hgnc competition
Business Start-up Grant NRW
EXIST Business Start-up Grant
STARTPLATZ Accelerator
NUK competition
Launch v1.0
Rheinland-Pitch #94
Launch v2.0

The first idea of a central study application platform arose

2nd place in the hgnc idea competition

Reception of the Business Start-up Grant of North Rhine-Westphalia (August 2019 to Februar 2020)

Reception of the EEXIST Business Start-up Grant (March 2020 to February 2021)

Admission to the STARTPLATZ Accelerator (March 2020 to June 2020)

2nd place in the NUK business plan competition as well as the audience award

Launch of the first version of Compounder® as an information platform

1st place in the Rheinland-Pitch #94

Foundation Compounder® GmbH with notarisation

Launch of the second version of Compounder® including all application tools

Our team

Paula Vorbeck, B.A. – Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Paula Vorbeck, B.A.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
BA International Management (Management Consulting)
Evelyn Wagner, B.A. – Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Evelyn Wagner, B.A.

Founder, Chief Operating Officer
BA International Management (International Trade)
Carmine Siena, M.A. – Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Carmine Siena, M.A.

Founder, Chief Technical Officer
BA International Media Management
MA Digital Marketing