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Medicine, Health Sciences, Psychology, and Sports

This area of study deals with the mind, injuries, and diseases in both humans and animals. To become a doctor, you must complete the second part of the Medical State Examination. In Medicine, you can decide whether you want to study Human Medicine or Dentistry and earn a doctorate, and whether you want to work with people in the future. Today, there are 34 specialisations in which you can specialise as a medical specialist – with the option of further specialisation within each of the various directions. If you choose Veterinary Medicine, you can later work as a veterinarian, for example in a veterinary clinic.
Although Psychology is also concerned with curing (mental) illnesses, you do this later as a non-medical profession. You can choose to study Psychology as a separate study programme or as the focus of another science, such as Economics (= Business Psychology).
The aim of Health Sciences is to train qualified managers in nursing, as health professions depend on trained nursing experts due to the ageing society and technical progress.
In a Sports or Sports Science programme, you can either work as a sports teacher, for example in a general school, or take up another profession that has something to do with sports.

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