Student loans

A student loan can be a valuable financing option for students to cover their education costs. We answer the most important questions about student loans.

How does the student loan work?

A student loan is a loan used for educational purposes. The lender grants the student a certain amount, which is paid out in monthly instalments. After completion of the studies, the repayment phase begins, during which the loan plus interest must be repaid.

When do you get a student loan?

Student loans are usually granted to students who are in a regular study programme. The time at which one can apply for a student loan varies depending on the provider. Some lenders allow you to apply before you start studying, while others require proof of enrolment.

How much do you get with a student loan?

The amount of the student loan varies depending on the provider and individual circumstances. As a rule, students can receive a fixed maximum amount per month. In the case of the most popular student loan, the KfW Student Loan, for example, it is a minimum of €100 and a maximum of €650 per month with a maximum financing amount of €54,600.

What is the interest rate on a student loan?

Interest rates on student loans may vary depending on the provider, loan terms and market conditions. Some lenders may offer lower interest rates for student loans, especially if governmental or non-profit organisations such as the KfW bank are involved. It is advisable to compare current interest rates with different providers to find the best terms and minimise the overall cost of the loan. You can find a comparison of student loans here.

Who offers student loans?

Student loans are offered by various financial institutions, banks and government organisations. Some well-known providers are, for example:

– the KfW bank;
– Saving Banks;
– private credit institutions.

We recommend that you check different options and compare conditions, interest rates and repayment terms to find the best student loan.

What are the prerequisites for student loans?

The exact requirements for a student loan can vary depending on the provider. As a rule, students must prove that they are enrolled in a regular study programme. In addition, income limits or credit checks may also play a role. Each lender has its own criteria, so it is important to check the specific requirements.

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