Study orientation—our offer for schools

Many pupils in the sixth form do not yet know what they should study. They often do not correctly assess their own interests and abilities—but above all they lack knowledge of possible study programmes, their content and focus and which universities offer these study programmes at all.

Not so long ago, we were also at this point—and therefore know exactly what questions, issues, fears and concerns your pupils have.

Compounder at your school— digital or in presence

We actively support teachers in guiding their pupils through their studies. Our school visits and digital workshops offer customised advice for your school. The interactive sessions cover important topics such as study options after the a-levels, general study information, different types of study programmes and financing as well as practical tips on applying to university. In addition, your students will have exclusive access to our UniMatch tool—the first AI-based study matching tool—so they can find suitable study programmes and universities while still in class. All questions about studying will be answered in a concluding Q&A session.

Co-operation with your school

Our partnership with schools goes beyond one-off events. We offer long-term support with study orientation by being available as a digital contact point for all questions relating to study opportunities and applications. Together with our network of over 50 universities, we endeavour to provide pupils with comprehensive information and advice. The activities within the framework of the co-operation should be an integral part of the school's activities in the area of study orientation over a longer period of time.

How Compounder enriches study orientation at schools

Our workshops have already helped many students to find their way—and teachers appreciate our expert support.

How Compounder enriches study orientation at schools

‘That really was a perfect summary and exactly what I needed!’
Lea S., year 11 pupil at Gabriele-von-Bülow-Gymnasium, Berlin

‘I had the pleasure of working with Compounder to organise a workshop on study orientation and applications for our pupils. The team's expertise and commitment were impressive. Not only did they provide valuable information, but they also created an atmosphere where students felt encouraged to pursue their academic and career dreams. I highly recommend Compounder to anyone who wants to support their students in choosing and applying to university.’
Elin M., teacher at Gabriele-von-Bülow-Gymnasium, Berlin

You would like to get to know our team better, bring Compounder to your school or become a co-operation partner?

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