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Law and Social Sciences

Law and Social Sciences deal with the society and its political, cultural, social, and economic structures. In Law, it is a matter of dealing with laws and regulations that regulate the coexistence of people, usually as a judge, public prosecutor, or lawyer. In order to take up these professions, however, one must have passed the Second State Examination in Law, otherwise one can take up other activities in the economy or in associations.
The Social Sciences focus more on the social aspects of people among themselves, whereby one usually works as a sociologist, social worker, or social pedagogue either in a more research-oriented or in a practical way with different social groups.

Typical duties

Typical tasks of a legal practitioner are, for example:
– advising companies or private individuals
– supervision of preliminary proceedings
– representation in main hearings
– processing mandates

Typical tasks of a social scientist are, for example:
– analysis and research in various fields, e.g. right-wing extremism
– evaluation of facts
– management of social institutions
– professional representation of non-profit organisations
– care for children, young people, and adults with behavioural problems

Interest and characteristics

If you have some of the following interests and qualities, Law might be of particular interest to you:
– good general education
– logical thinking
– understanding abstract texts (court decisions and legal texts)
– good expression
– historical knowledge
– (business) economic knowledge

If you have some of the following interests and qualities, Social Sciences might be of particular interest to you:
– interest in people
– empathy
– contactability
– good interaction with people
– general education
– analytical thinking
– knowledge of foreign languages