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Engineering Sciences

The Engineering Sciences are concerned with the technical implementation of scientific findings, for example to make production processes more efficient or to invent innovative products. As an engineer, you will deal with technical topics, including those related to digitisation, IT, and sustainable technologies as well as Business Studies, Law, and Social Sciences. Engineers are particularly needed in technology-oriented companies, but also in public administration, associations, or business organisations. You can, of course, also set up your own business and work, for example, as a consultant or expert in freelance engineering consultancy.

Typical duties

Typical tasks of an engineer are, for example:
– planning, organising, and optimising work and operational processes
– development, calculation, and design of innovative products and processes
– planning, developing, controlling, projecting, and monitoring of machines, plants, and the erection of structures
– planning and supervision of the manufacture, assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of machines
– calculate costs
– tasks in the areas of purchasing, materials management, sales, and customer service

Interest and characteristics

If you have some of the following interests and characteristics, this field of study could be particularly interesting for you:
– broad basic knowledge of science and technology
– creativity, imagination, and intuition for the development of innovative products
– good knowledge of mathematics and foreign languages
– team spirit