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Arts and Music

Artistic study programmes offer various opportunities to develop artistically and implement creative ideas. Whether a more scientific and theoretical examination of Music, Arts, Film, or Theatre or the creation of your own artistic works – it is entirely up to you what should be the focus of your studies and your future profession. In addition to programmes such as Musicology and Arts Education, there are also more practical courses of study such as Drama and Performing Arts. You will find the range of programmes offered at academies of music and arts, but also at universities and colleges of education. Study programmes in the field of Arts and Music usually require a selection process that varies from university to university. While a portfolio of samples of artistic work must usually be submitted in the field of art, a few pieces of music often have to be performed. After completing their studies, which often end with a Bachelor's or Master's of (Fine) Arts degree, many students go freelance in this field.

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