Blocked account

In order to be allowed to stay in Germany, you need to prove that you have sufficient funds to finance yourself and your studies. The most common method for that is a blocked account.

What exactly is a blocked account?

What exactly is a blocked account?

It is called “blocked” account because the money that is being deposited cannot be withdrawn until your arrival in Germany. As of January 01, 2021 you have to deposit EUR 10,332 on your account. Lots of international students use a blocked account in order to proof their financial resources, since it is relatively easy to open.

Where can I open a blocked account?

You can open a block account at the banking institute “Deutsche Bank” or online, for example via our partner Fintiba. You should open one before entering Germany, since it is also needed for your visa application.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

If you want to open an account at Deutsche Bank, you have to send them an email. The next step is mail them their filled out forms and a copy of your passport, certified by the German embassy in your country or a German consulate via post—a scan or fax is not accepted. Opening an account at Deutsche Bank costs a one-time fee of EUR 50–150. It usually takes a week to process the paperwork and confirm your payment. However, it is recommended to complete your application well ahead before the semester starts, since there are a lot of applications simultaneously.

Is a blocked account necessary?

If you fulfil one of the following requirements, you do not need a blocked account in order to study in Germany:

Invitation from a friend or relative living in Germany
This person has to confirm that they are covering your expenses during your studies. The document called “Verpflichtungserklärung” has to be obtained personally at the Immigration Office and state “Studium” (academic studies) clearly as the reason for the invitation.

– A scholarship or funding from an educational establishment covering your costs
—Approved student loan in Germany which covers your costs

As always, you should contact the German embassy in your country in order to be sure, which kind of financial proof is required.