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German Student Visa

International students who are not from Europe need a student visa to study in Germany. In this blog article you will learn all about the requirements, approvals, types and process of the German student visa.

3 Types of German Student Visa

1. The German Student Visa:

- Standard student visa for international students
- You are admitted to a German college or university
- You are ready to start full-time studies


2. German Student Applicant Visa

- This visa does not allow you to study in Germany, it is only for the application procedure, for example if you need to be in Germany to apply in person for university admission
- It is valid for 3 months, but can be extended for 6 months upon your arrival


3. German language course visa

- A visa that you need in order to take a German language course in Germany

How do I apply for a student visa for Germany?

1. Find a consulate or embassy near you

- They will give you more information about the requirements and procedures
- Official website with address and contact information is available online


2. Check the requirements and find out about the procedure

- Find out about any specific requirements for the country in which you will be applying
- Make sure you have all the required documents
- Read the information carefully before making a visa appointment


3. Make a visa appointment

- When you are ready, you can make a visa appointment by following the steps on the German Embassy website
- There may be many visa applications pending, so you should apply for a visa appointment in good time, several weeks in advance


4. Have visa application documents ready

- Once you have an official appointment, you should go through all your documents again to make sure they are complete (below you can find the documents needed to get a visa)


5. Prepare for the visa interview

- Pay the visa application fee in advance (60,00€-75,00€)
- You should have the payment confirmation with you at the time of the visa interview
- Be prepared for questions
- If your visa is refused, the amount paid will not be refunded
- After the interview, you will find out whether the visa has been approved or rejected

Requirements for the German Student Visa

Visa application documents:

- national visa application document, which must be properly completed and signed
- national passport, which of course must be valid
- copy of passport
- Birth certificate
- Your last passport photos
- Previous Schengen visa
- Previous German residence permit

Possibly also (if necessary):
- Marriage certificate
- Birth certificate of the child
- Copies of previous German residence titles

Additionally, you need:

Proof of financing

- 11,208€ deposit receipt of a Blocked Account
- Proof of your parents' income
- In case there is a scholarship Certificate showing the amount of costs that will be covered


Proof of admission to the university:

- Acknowledgement of admission in the letter of admission
- It must show when you will start studying and the language of instruction
- Confirmation of admission as an applicant


Fintiba helps you prepare for Germany and organise everything you need. From health insurance and blocked account to mastering the visa application. Nothing will stand in your way and you will have the chance to start in Germany without any difficulties.


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