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Summer courses in Germany for international students 2023

Universities abroad often only offer courses that start in the winter semester, which means that many students have to wait a whole year if they are unable to enrol into a university. In Germany, on the other hand, many summer courses are also offered – meaning you can start your studies in October but also in March. In this blog article, we will inform you about summer courses in Germany

Top 10 study programmes

In this section, as well as in the following section, we will list the top 10 study programmes for international students, divided in the most popular study programmes for male and female international students. Of course, they are all courses that you can start with in the upcoming summer intake. Click on the respective study programme to find out more, such as study content, career opportunities and admission requirements.

Let's start with the top 10 study programmes for male students:

1. Business Administration

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Computer Science

4. Electrical Engineering

5. Law

6. Industrial Engineering

7. Economics

8. Medicine

9. Business Informatics

10. Physics


Top 10 study programmes for female students

1. Business Administration

2. German Philology

3. Medicine

4. Law

5. Pedagogy

6. English Language and Literature

7. Biology

8. Economics

9. Psychology

10. Mathematics


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None of these courses appeals to you? Don't worry! Compounder has many more top courses with summer intake. You will find Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programmes there. Just click on the button to see all summer courses.

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