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Public Administration

In Public Administration, you will later work for the state, usually as a civil servant. There are numerous fields of activity and opportunities for specialisation, ranging from classic administrative activities in public authorities to training as a detective commissioner in the Federal Criminal Police Office and tasks in the German Weather Service.
Training in Public Administration, also known as preparatory service, usually includes a (dual) university of applied sciences degree course consisting of practical and theoretical phases. During the course of your studies, you will already receive a "salary", which is referred to as an applicant's salary. A study programme in the non-technical field of Public Administration usually concludes with a Diploma or Bachelor of Arts degree, whereas in the case of technical programmes, you will receive a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion.
Depending on the subject area and study programme, you can pursue a civil service career and thus be appointed a civil servant, or you can take up activities outside the civil service. If you decide to take up a civil service career, you will already be a civil servant during your training period.
It is important to know that, depending on your programme, you will have to meet certain requirements in Public Administration. These include, for example, that you must be a German or European citizen, have no criminal record, and may not exceed a certain maximum age.

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